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Art supports nature

From April 28 to May 1, an art workshop was held dedicated to topical issues of environmental protection, expressive means that allow you to convey artistic ideas to the viewer. At the workshop, the children got acquainted with contemporary examples of street art calling for the reduction of plastic consumption, telling about animals and birds that suffer from garbage in the seas and oceans. the children were divided into teams, spoke on the proposed topic and began sketching in the museum

Then it was pizza time

After all the sketches of the teams were ready, they were hung on the walls of the exhibition hall in the museum, and all participants could clearly see the result and mark the fragments of the sketches that they especially liked (with a pencil)

On the first day of the workshop, the children learned how to work in a team, the basics of brainstorming and sketching

The next day, curator Wanda created a graphic proposal for a wall in a riverside park in an active pedestrian zone. the children chose the fragments they liked and proceeded to perform

In the following days, the children with the curators continued to work. festival organized by Mai Mult Verde and people from 3 Smoked Olives (that is a festival in CL, on the island). And it will be continued at may 15).

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