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New Year - New Rules

As a result of the Strategic Session, our team developed basic rules of the festival:

1. Representatives (citizens) from 10 countries of the Black Sea region (Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Greece) can apply to participate in the festival. *

2. A participant can currently live in any other country, but they must be originally from a participating country.

3. A team consisting of citizens of any country in the world can participate if at least one member of the team is originally from a participating country.

4. Age - the participant must be of legal age, but not older than 40 years. *

5. If the participant is a minor, they must be accompanied by a guardian. If the participant is over 40 years old, then they can participate in collaboration with a younger artist.

6. Guest stars - headliners - can be of any nationality and of any age.

7. The organizers of the festival are open to collaborate with representatives of any art movements and to present any work of art, which, first of all, meets the ethical standards.

8. The festival may deny participation to anyone who promotes violence, directly attacks other people or threatens to use violence on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious belief, age, physical or mental disabilities, as well as serious diseases. Also prohibited are any accounts whose main purpose is to cause harm to others based on any of these characteristics.

9. The creators of the festival NGO Pamanteni reserve the right to have the last word when choosing participants and the right to not explain their choice to people who are not professionals in the field of international interdisciplinary festivals.

* The restrictions described in clauses 1 and 4 do not in any way infringe upon anyone's rights and freedoms, but are intended to encourage artists from different countries and different age groups to unite their efforts.

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